Sweet tooth


Hey y’all 

So by far my favorite snack is frozen yogurt . I don’t know if any of you guys live by a Pinkberry but hands down its the best so far. For my Westchester people there is also red mango and Go Greenly. They have all flavors like original, pomegranate , mango and raspberry . Plus they have awesome toppings ! 


Olive oil on everything !


Good afternoon loves 

I wanted to share this awesome product that I use on almost everything I eat . It’s Filippo Berrio Olive Oil it’s about $8.00 dollars for the bottle but it’s actually really good and healthy . You can get it at your local supermarket and even at CVS. There are many benefits of using olive oil instead of other oils that  raise your cholesterol. I recieved be this product for testing from influenster complimentary for testing and I fell in love  . I also shared a dish that I love to eat with olive oil and that’s fresh mozzarella with tomatoes . So delish ! What oils do you use and have you tried this product before ? If so what are your thoughts I would like your feedback !

It’s Lunchtime 


Hey y’all ! It’s lunchtime …. Wanted to share with you a great lunch I love to make. This is whole wheat bread with avocado slices and sweet peppers . You can add some lime juice and olive oil and black pepper . This is perfect for anyone and healthy at the same time . Hope you like it ! Xo



Spring is right around the corner that means it’s DETOX time …. As far as detox goes I love Lyfe Tea. You can find it on groupon for $35.00 . It comes in a 14 &28 day supply . It will help you from feeling bloated and reduce some inches . Happy detoxing dolls !