New App Alert !!

Hey Y’all

TGIT! Hope everyone is having a great week.So I been using this app named Mint for a while now and I figured I share it with you all.You can find this app on the App Store and it’s free .

It’s actually pretty good because you can link it to your bank account and it helps you set up monthly budgets as well as bill payments . You are also able to check your credit for free and it gives you alerts for any changes.

They also have a suggestion tab that can help you improve your money management skills depending on how you spend your money. It alerts you when bills are due and help you organize all your finances.This app also offers you a chart and categorizes your spending by categories which I think is great to look at so you can evaluate your spending.

I’m all for treating myself but financial stability is oh so important to me.I think the smart thing to do is to save at least 20% of your income for the future.

The lower you keep your expenses, the sooner you’ll achieve your personal savings goal whatever that may be. If anyone decides to download the app please give me your thoughts on it.