Bathing Suit Time !!!

Banana shaped: One piece//Two piece

Apple shaped: One piece//Two piece

Pear shaped: One piece//Two piece

Hourglass shaped: One piece//Two piece
Banana shaped: Banana-shaped ladies have bodies that are more or less the same width from chest to hips, with minimal curve. You can pretty much pull off any swimsuit style, but if you want to give the illusion of curves, I recommend finding a one-piece in a cute pattern with a bustier-style top and high-cut bottom – the top will round out your bust and the high-cut bottom will elongate your legs! If you’re more a bikini girl, fun accents like ruffles will give the illusion of a curvier figure.  

Apple shaped: Girls with apple-shaped bodies are busty with narrower hips. The importance here is support – skip the skimpy string bikini and find a swimsuit that offers you good support (like a bra-top swimsuit) to flatter your curvier top half. After all, you want your assets to look their best! I like how both the one-piece and two-piece suits above have little details on the bottom half to balance everything out.

Pear shaped: Pear shaped girls – your hips don’t lie! Embrace your booty with a bikini that hits right at the hips and a cute embellished top to give your top half some loving as well. If you want to slim down your tummy, find a suit with ruching down the front and sides like the sexy one-piece above. If you’re going to go the ruching route, I recommend sticking to a solid color so it doesn’t create the opposite effect and overwhelm your body.

Hourglass shaped: If you’re a curvy goddess, your waist is the smallest part of your body and your chest and hip curve outwards. It’s easy for you ladies to rock any suit you please, so take risks and have fun – find a one-piece with cutouts to further emphasize your curvy shape, or a playful retro-style two-piece. A halter-top and bottom that hits at the waist shows off all your best assets.

Remember – these are just suggestions on the most flattering swimsuits for your body type. The important thing is to rock whatever you feel most beautiful in! 🙂


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