10 Foods that trigger happiness !

Happy Sunday Lovies 

I came across this article and I thought I share it with you guys. So suprisingly I found out these ten foods trigger happiness and they are all a good source of energy. I’m totally obssessed with avocado and I could literally eat it all day. Also it’s so good for your hair as well. Green tea is bomb and also speeds up your metabolism. Cashews are also my favorite and my go to snack. Wishing you all a happy week ! 


Happy Friday !!!!

Hey y’all 

Wishing you a happy Friday !!! I came across some new trends for spring and I’m so in love with them. Thought I share them to give you girlies some inspo… Below i attached some different types of dresses. You can find some affordable ones at (www.asos.com)I know some people are skeptical about buying online but I order from here all the time and their service and quality of clothing are excellent. Wishing all you lovely ladies a great weekend . Xo…

Monday Funday!!!

Happy First Day of Spring !!!

Spring is actually my favorite season because the weather is just perfect. I came across some fashion tips that I truly think are supereb. Here are some tips to make your outfits look elegant. Xo…

Hair Mask !!!

Happy Snow Day!!

I love snow days they give me a chance to chill all day. I wanted to share this hair mask I do for my hair at least twice a week. It’s basically a DIY hair mask and leaves my hair so smooth and shiny.

All you need is avocado,coconut oil,honey and a egg yolk. You then mix it all together in a bowl and apply it to your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. Afterwards you rinse with warm water and viola.Once you blow dry you hair you will see the instant difference. 

I absolutely love this hair mask and it’s easy to make.I attached picture instructions as well. Xo

New Workout !

Hello Lovies !!!

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday..I recently attended one of these kickboxing classes to try it out and it was amazing.It gave me the challenge I was looking for.

You can burn up to 744 calories in about an hour.It is also a different type of workout and can be great to switch up your routine.It is exactly what I was looking for. I have attached the link below they have different locations throughout the bouroughs. Xo



Happy Saturday Lovies !!!

Hello to you all … So over the week I was able to visit the New York Botanical Garden with my dear friend . At the moment they have their yearly orchid show and this year it’s from Thailand.It’s absolutely amazing and a must see. The entrance fee is $20.00 but you are also able to see the rest of the garden. 

They have beautiful cherry blossoms , daffodils,water lillies and the Rockefeller Rose Garden is a must see. I attached some pictures of my favorite parts of the exhibit.

The NYBG also offers different activities throughout the year. They have hands on gardening activities,culinary kids activities and bird walks. They have something to offer for everyone and you can also have a picnic on a beautiful day in spring.If anyone is able to visit please give me your feedback. 

New App Alert !!

Hey Y’all

TGIT! Hope everyone is having a great week.So I been using this app named Mint for a while now and I figured I share it with you all.You can find this app on the App Store and it’s free .

It’s actually pretty good because you can link it to your bank account and it helps you set up monthly budgets as well as bill payments . You are also able to check your credit for free and it gives you alerts for any changes.

They also have a suggestion tab that can help you improve your money management skills depending on how you spend your money. It alerts you when bills are due and help you organize all your finances.This app also offers you a chart and categorizes your spending by categories which I think is great to look at so you can evaluate your spending.

I’m all for treating myself but financial stability is oh so important to me.I think the smart thing to do is to save at least 20% of your income for the future.

The lower you keep your expenses, the sooner you’ll achieve your personal savings goal whatever that may be. If anyone decides to download the app please give me your thoughts on it.