Happy Hump Day!!

Hello All …

Wishing you all a Happy Hump Day! A good friend of mine recently sent me a documentary from Netflix called Minimalism. It’s actually a very informative documentary. Minimalism is basically the idea that us as human beings do not need to collect so many material items to feel complete and that all this stuff we think we need is really all marketing companies who enhance our consumer brains to make us feel like we need them . Therefore what I got from this is when you purchase things ask yourself how this is useful and what purpose it brings into your life. With this being said Spring Cleaning begins in my household!  I’m not saying I will go become an extremist now but this documentary made become more self aware and not be sidetracked with things that I don’t need.  Below is the link for documentary let me know your thoughts on this and do you think you can become a minimalist? fullsizerender-38



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