Tassel Earrings!!

Hey y’all !!!

Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday… As you can see this post is about tassel earrings.I absolutely love them because they are so Old Hollywood Glam and you can pair them with different colors and they just have a elegant statement to them. 

My cousin handmakes  them straight out of Dominican Republic and ships to the U.S. Her ig name is below and you can get in contact with her through what’s app or ig .Her contact info is below they are oh so fabulous and timeless…Xo !


Oscar Night Favs!!!

Hello ladies !!!

As you all know last night was the Oscar’s and I had to tune in because I’m a movie lover and fashion guru.

My favorite movies this year where Lalaland, Fences, and Hidden Figures . All great movies and truly inspiring . As for last night goes the gowns are to die for at least the ones I posted. These gowns all exude sultry, glam and elegance .

Since it’s wedding season and I’m pretty sure everyone has a wedding or two to attend you can use this as major Inspo !!! There are sites like Rent the Runway that allow you to rent designer pieces for less.

They have rentals for 7 or 9 days. I will provide the link below and first timers get  $25 dollars  off . Code is below also !!! Xo…


Fashion find!

Hey ladies !!!

So since we are in the spring spirit at least I know I am …. the weather is getting better and you need a pair of block heel sandals that are so in right now.You can pair them with some jeans or even a dress.

 I found these blush ones at Zara for $30.00.They have other colors too you can find them on http://m.zara.com/us/

New DIY !!!

Hello Lovies !!

Happy Saturday everyone ! As you all know spring is around the corner and I love to change up my home decor even if it’s just accessories here and there . 

Therefore I went to Pinterest to see what I can create . I came across a gallery wall for my living room and I was able to achieve this look with frames I got from Burlington and home goods . 

I spent about $50.00 dollars. I love the way it came out and it gave my living room a pop of color just in time for spring. I will include a link below if you want to try it yourself . Xo…..

Happy Tuesday !!

Hello All

I’m finally back from vacation . I got this comb as a gift for Christmas and it’s amazing !!! What you need to do is wash your hair let it air dry and then part it and viola ! You can take it with you on vacation and all . I absolutely love this product because I don’t have to be in the salon every week and also it saves me money . I added the links to it you can find it in Walmart or Amazon. I will also add a link from YouTube so you can see the results ..Xo 




New Book Alert !!!

Happy Monday lovies !!!

Even though I’m on vacation I had the time to read this …. can I say amazing !!! Sophia is a great writer and very inspiring. She went from committing crimes to owning a 65 million dollar company debt free .What I learned from this book is you get in life what you ask for. Ain’t that the truth !!!

For all my #GIRLBOSSES this book is very inspiring and helps you embrace your inner boss . You can find it at your local Barnes and Noble or Amazon. If anyone gets the chance to read it let me know what you think . Xo 

Saturday Fun !!

Happy Saturday to you all !!! 

I wanted to share this fun activity that I did not to long ago . So this can be done with your girls or your other half . It’s a wine tasting class . I went to New York Vintners in the city . I found this deal on living social for $35.00 . For those who don’t know what Living Social is it’s and app just like Groupon with great deals. 

They have a variety of classes and you can purchase the wine bottles if you like them after .  Some classes they offer are  pizza pairings ,cheese pairings , blind tasting challenge ,tacos y vino . Yum !

They have something for everyone and I really enjoyed myself and learned a few new things about wine . I added the link to the location below if  is able to try it please give me your feedback . Xo 


Ted Talk!!


I came across this Ted Talk and I figured I share this with you all. Self confidence is so imperative because if you don’t believe in yourself who will? What I learned from Dr. Ivan Joseph’s talk is that in order for us to be more self confident we must take on tasks that are new to us so that we are able to feel challenged . Another way to built self confidence is to become more  persistent in anything you do . Always remember that positive affirmation is very important and removing  negative people who do not uplift you is also  an important factor in life. Always remember to surround yourself with positive people who bring purpose to your lives. Like Muhammed Ali said “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” With that being said I hope everyone taps into their inner self and exude their self confidence each and everyday. Happy Snow Day y’all !!!

Girls Night Out !!!

Since the weekend is coming up I figured I give you all some input on a great girls night out activity . I recently visited The Whitney Musuem with my girlfriends in the city over by the Meatpacking District . It’s an amazing musuem and has tons of art for everyone . I attached a photo of my favorite pieces for you guys to see. Hope you have the time to visit and explore the variety of art at this location. I also came across another event  that I think is worth trying .

There are certain museums that have art events in the evening where they serve alcoholic beverages and have live music as well. The Guggenheim Museum offers art after dark. You basically get to enjoy the exhibits with live music and also have the option on purchasing alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages it is totally something different for you to try with your other half or your girlfriends.      

Below you can find the links for both the Guggenheim and Whitney Musuem .If anyone has the chance to visit please give me your thoughts and share your experience with me . 



Workout Playlist !!!

Hey ! Since the workday is almost ending I figured I share my workout playlist and give you some tunes to help you stay focused ! These songs help me through my workout and I think you would enjoy them as well.There is a little of every genre in the playlist . Currently I am feeling the Weekend his music has a MJ vibe that I can’t deny . It’s almost Friday ! Let’s get it !!!!