Hot spot 💓

Happy Tuesday !

So over the weekend I went to this restaurant in Long Island City , Queens named SHI they serve Asian fusion food .I must say amazing food , amazing view of the Manhattan Skyline and they also have a lounge where you can have a few drinks. The drink I had was The Great Gatsby and it was delish .It’s kind of a speakeasy after you dine . I truly recommend it and I also heard they have outdoor seating as it gets warmer . Xo !


Sweet tooth


Hey y’all 

So by far my favorite snack is frozen yogurt . I don’t know if any of you guys live by a Pinkberry but hands down its the best so far. For my Westchester people there is also red mango and Go Greenly. They have all flavors like original, pomegranate , mango and raspberry . Plus they have awesome toppings ! 

Intense workout !


Hey y’all !

It’s Monday ! Back to the grind … So lately I been slacking but literally it’s spring already . If your into an intense work out try soul cycle you will literally burn about 600 calories in an hour . I think it’s worth the try and remember go at your pace ! Xo

Perfect girls nite!


Hey ladies !

So I have tried this about four times and every time it gets better . They have different paintings that you can choose from and you can search in your area. It’s a perfect girls night and also date night with your other half. The best part of it all is that you get to keep your work of art ! 

Fashion find


Hey ladies !

I found these really cute shoes at Zara for only $40.00. There good for work or dinner and they are not that high and very comfortable . I picked up a pair for myself and wanted to share with you guys  since spring is around the corner . Xo!

Makeup organizer!

Happy Saturday 

Good morning ! So Saturday’s i love to clean and organize my home . I got this makeup organizer at Bed Bath and Beyond for only $ 20.00 and I put it in my bathroom so that when I’m getting ready I don’t have to be searching for things everywhere . I think it’s perfect and it has       three drawers so you have enough space . Xo!

Bedroom DIY!


Good morning lovies!

I just wanted to share with you guys my bedroom DIY wall. As you can see I’m totally obsessed with black and white . I ordered this wallpaper on eBay for about $50.00 dollars and it goes great with my room. When accessorizing with pillows try to have same colors but different patterns it gives the room balance. Let me know what you think ….Xo