When going south …


Morning !

Hey lovies so I decided to take a road trip last minute . When driving down I came across the Waffle House which some might know about but not all. I went to the one in Atlanta can I say the best hash browns & waffles I ever had . If you decided to take a road trip make sure to make a stop here !


Road tripping 🚗

So with this weather and our busy lives sometimes you just need a getaway. Even if it’s to a town nearby it’s good to disconnect for a few . I decided to go on a mini getaway . This road trip playlist is great to me . Let me know if you like it !

Wall DIY


Happy Thursday ! 

So I want to share this DIY wall and table I decided to do by my hallway. If you feel that you have a plain hallway I suggest trying this. It’s a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil . It’s super easy to use and reusable as well. I got the Moroccan all over trellis design for $40.00. If you do purchase it please remember to watch the tutorial on their website and follow the instructions .They have all different types of designs and you can use it on any room to give it a little kick .  What are your favorite wall decals?

Olive oil on everything !


Good afternoon loves 

I wanted to share this awesome product that I use on almost everything I eat . It’s Filippo Berrio Olive Oil it’s about $8.00 dollars for the bottle but it’s actually really good and healthy . You can get it at your local supermarket and even at CVS. There are many benefits of using olive oil instead of other oils that  raise your cholesterol. I recieved be this product for testing from influenster complimentary for testing and I fell in love  . I also shared a dish that I love to eat with olive oil and that’s fresh mozzarella with tomatoes . So delish ! What oils do you use and have you tried this product before ? If so what are your thoughts I would like your feedback !

Palazzo Pants ! 


Hey dolls !

So I found these really cute wide leg pants for spring and summer . They have all different styles you can find them on https://www.missguidedus.com/  

 I absolutely love this trend because you can wear it to any occasion. It’s good for girls night, date night and it has a romantic flow to it . You can find these pants at different prices and patterns on the website I provided above . Prices range from $20.00-45.00 . I know some of you might be skeptical about ordering online but this is one of my go to websites. There clothing is actually really good material and they have all different styles for everyone . Have you tried this trend if so what do you think ? 

Office DIY!


Morning lovies ! So I just wanted to share a little DIY that I did to my office. I figured why not make this dull space a little upbeat and more my style.  I got most of the stuff at the target dollar haul. They have really cute ideas at inexpensive prices. If your planning a birthday party for a child or even baby shower make sure to look here for some goodies. They have everything from chalkboards to even favors you can use for any type of shower. The wallpaper was about $ 3 dollars and chalkboard was $3 dollars as well . Tell me what you guys think ?

Gym time !


It’s about that time to work out ! I got this playlist on Spotify that I love to work out too . Gives me some inspiration and has lots of different female artist . We all know Girls Run the World ! Hope you like it as much as I do. The link is below so just click on it and get your cardio on . Get it right get it tight !!!!!!  What artist motivate you to get up and workout ?


Fashion find !


Hey girlies ! So I found this really dope bag at Zara  for only $29.99. It’s perfect for spring and also very comfortable to carry around ! This color is so in right now and it’s affordable for everyone . You can order it to your local store or ship to home . Xo!

It’s Lunchtime 


Hey y’all ! It’s lunchtime …. Wanted to share with you a great lunch I love to make. This is whole wheat bread with avocado slices and sweet peppers . You can add some lime juice and olive oil and black pepper . This is perfect for anyone and healthy at the same time . Hope you like it ! Xo

Spring decor 

Morning dolls !!!! Since spring is around the corner I decided to redo my living room. I didn’t spend a whole lot of money I got some different throw pillows as you can see from Marshalls . I also got a new rug from Home Goods for $130.00. I got some different accessories from Marshalls for about $60.00 . This is a really cool mix and match piece and gives your living room a different feel . Remember it’s all about balance .  Don’t be afraid to try it !